11 Awesome Ways To Repurpose An Empty Cardboard Box

Did you just move your house? Are you trying to get rid of all the cardboard boxes lying around your house?

What if we tell you a secret that you can reuse these cardboard boxes?

Yes, there is so much that can be done from the cardboard boxes that we all have in our house. People usually tend to throw away the cardboard boxes that they have lying there in the house. The idea of cardboard boxes taking up extra space in the house makes people cringe which is why they think of throwing away cardboard boxes in trash.

There is a lot that can be done with the extra cardboard boxes that you have. All you need to do is be a little bit creative. The only purpose of cardboard boxes that people can usually think of is to use them packing their items in. Once they are done with unpacking, the cardboard boxes become useless for them.

If you are one of those people who do not know how they can reuse the old cardboard boxes then you have landed right place. Your cardboard boxes are so much more than a useless box. You can start a cardboard DIY project and make something extremely useful and unique from your cardboard box. There are plenty of cardboard decorations items that you can make by following a simple DIY cardboard box tutorial. People use different ideas to turn the cardboard boxes into some decorations for their festivals. However, if you are not looking for something that you can use only during festivals then you can make decorative cardboard storage boxes for your house. You can use these decorative cardboard storages boxes in your bedroom, living room and even guestroom. The best thing about these DIY cardboard box projects is that they are not only very easy to follow but most of them are very cost friendly. You do not have to buy any fancy cutter, glue or tools in order to work on these cardboard decorations ideas for your house. It is more likely that you will find everything that you will need, in your house for these cardboard DIY projects. This is a big plus point for the DIY cardboard box projects that tempts a lot of people to be creative and make small changes to their house.

Following are some amazing ideas that will teach you how to use old cardboard box.


11. DIY cardboard box drawer divider:

To make an awesome cardboard DIY drawer divider, you will need an old cardboard box, box cutter and a ruler. Measure the drawer you are making divider for. Using the dimensions you just took; create the lines on the cardboard you are going to use. There are going to be two different set of the divider, one for length and the other one for width. If you want to create slots as well then cut 4’ piece of cardboard and you can use them as the divider for the slots.


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DIY cardboard box drawer divider: