30+ Easy Healthy Snacks That Power Up Weight Loss

30+ Easy Healthy Snacks That Power Up Weight Loss

Given up on snacking to cut calories? Then, you should know that eating healthy snacks can- curb you hunger, increase your metabolism and keep you blood sugar in check. Besides, it can also provide the nutrients your body needs. So, needless to say the following healthy snacks – weight loss goes hand in hand.

1. Healthy Deviled Eggs

Healthy Deviled Eggs

Deviled Eggs have been a party favorite for many years. It is very easy to make and so it is a perfect recipe to try when you are feeling hungry and want to snack on something. But in recent times, people avoid having deviled eggs as they contain egg yolks and mayonnaise. These two ingredients are unhealthy and fattening and so instead of these two use a combination of Greek yogurt, hummus and xanthan gum to make a healthy version of Deviled eggs which will be perfect for snacks and even dinner parties.

Recipe Instructions: skinnymom

2. Berry, Honey and Yogurt Popsicle

Berry, Honey and Yogurt Popsicle

Hot summer afternoons call for some Popsicles. But ice-creams and popsicles are a big no-no if you want to lose or maintain you weight. With this Berry, Honey and Yogurt Popsicle, you can enjoy a creamy popsicles without the guilt. To make this healthy snack, first roast together mixed berries of your choice with some honey and brown sugar. After that, add them in a bowl with some yogurt, honey and lemon juice to mix everything together. Put the mixture in Popsicle mold and freeze it for 4 hours before enjoying it.

Recipe Instructions: cookieandkate