Creative Pencil Dish

Creative Pencil Dish

We get acquainted with crayons or pencils at a very young age. We are taught to draw beautiful pictures and maybe even masterpieces with those. But we never think of using them not as instruments, but as a creating itself. Could you ever imagined making a bowl of pencils? You will now:)

we usually take things like crayons and colored pencils and use them as a tool to create art, not as the art themselves. But that’s just not giving the vibrant materials enough credit! There are tons of fun and crafty ways to transform them into beautiful designs.

You can chop them up for a delightful rainbow monogram letter, or you can melt them into a big pile of color and mold them into a precious bud vase. Those both deal with crayons, but the man below decided to take a crack at some colored pencil action.

After gluing several layers together, Keith Barrow adds some walnut wood to the base and top for more support and a dash of rustic charm. His pleasant personality also shines through as he describes his methods throughout the clip. Once everything is placed together and the glue has had time to dry, Barrow heads over to his lathe tool to round out all the rough edges.

Watching as he scrapes away and slowly forms a curve is pretty hypnotizing. I really couldn’t look away! It’s just so fascinating to see the whole thing take shape. Barrow takes a few breaks to check on how the bowl is doing and explain his steps in more detail.

While I don’t think I’ll be investing in the heavy machinery any time soon, mostly because I’m too clumsy to use such things, I totally want one of these! Take a look at the finished product and I bet you’ll feel the same.

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