Therapeutical Mandalas for Adults

Therapeutical Mandalas for Adults

You probably have heard or even seen an unusual drawing called “mandala”? It came to us from Indian culture and became popular, especially among adults.

The word mandala itself means a circle. It’s as simple as that. And for religious believers circle is the most important sign and it represents the center of the universe. If you study the history you would find such drawings in Jesus’s image and David’s star. They have the biggest historical significance. Center represents God who is watching over us and over the nature and all living creatures in it. It is believed that our life obtains its form and sense thankfully to this central dot around which it is moving.

Mandala has the form of circle for a special purpose. The circle is the deepest mystery in this world, it is our soul that is constantly hesitating. It tears apart between a desire so satisfy its materialistic needs and get wealthy on one side, and spiritual wishes on the other such as being loved, respected and learn new things.

The painting process is scared. It is a dance around the center that leaves its colorful traces. A person who is painting starts a path, he follows every line that a pencil makes. The actual mystery is in following the lines of an artist who created them many years ago. It is believed that mandala is already perfect, that’s why you should not try to make it perfect. It is also believed that each mandala has its power. Even is the painting is not finished, those blank places have certain meaning in them too. Try to paint it with friends or family members and you will look how rich the picture will turn out to be in the end!

An important rule that you should remember is that mandala needs to be painted in silence, then you willl be able to find an inner path. Another rule for painting states that there are no rules! Check the following examples and choose the mandala for you and start painting!