Cool Ideas for Recycling of Food Jars

Cool Ideas for Recycling of Food Jars

Everyone buys food in jars from time to time. Jams, pickles, baby food are some examples of useful and tasty things. What do we usually do after the jar content is over? Send it right to the trash can. Well, I tell you, it is a big mistake! The jar can actually be more valuable that its delicious content. Because there are so many ways in which you can use it again. And again. They are totally recyclable and now you will find out how.

Depending on the type and size of the jar there are different ways for its utilization. If you are in possession on big jars, you can easily turn them into candy jars, bathroom organizer. It is easier to create something with big jars because they seem to be multi-purposed and it is harder to apply your fantasy to small baby food jars. A hint would be that your creations should bring joy and be used by the kids. So if you are a happy mother of a baby or you have such friend, then you should start gathering empty food jars and I will show you what for.

Everybody knows what smores are. Remember the wave of positive emotions that overwhelms you when you receive one? It would be the same with a person you give the smore to! And baby food jar is a perfect gift box for it.

Everybody loves photographs. Thus you can save the happy moments of your life and keep them forever. It is so cute to have these photographs set in picture frames around the house. If would be even cuter if the frames were as unique as the pictures are. Try the baby jar as a frame!

Those are just some of the ideas. You can as well put a treat for kids inside and make it bright and colorful. Paint the jar, insert the straw, add accessories.

And, of course, jars are great organizers! Keep small things like rubber bands, ear sticks and buttons and even kitchen spices in them!