Give your Jeans a Second Life

Give your Jeans a Second Life

Jeans are a popular type of pants all over the world. They firstly appeared like an outfit for a working African-American class, but that changed with time and now they are a piece of fashion! Jeans can actually serve as a uniform as well and only for casual everyday wearing. It means that at least a pair of jeans can be found in basically everybody’s wardrobe. Nevertheless, jeans, like every piece of clothing, or I shoud say, everything in the world, wears out with time (especially if it is your favourite pair). It can be very sad to say good-bye to them in the end and send them to trash.

I should say that if you don’t want to – you don’t need to. Don’t get rid of the old pair of jeans – transform them into something useful instead that will serve you even longer. Depending on the way your jeans “died” and level of damage there are different ideas for transformation. You will be surprised how many ideas there are. So let’s take a look at some of them.

The most widespread trouble is appearance of holes. Depending on their place of occurrence there are different ways of treatment. If the hole is close to the middle line you can easily sew up the jeans making them tight and slim. Also, the lower the holes are the more you can cut the jeans up. Different length will visually turn them into the difference type of the outfit! You can cut them up till they become a skirt or a pair of nice shorts.

If jeans are worn on the bottom and it became visible a market or, on the contrary, a bleach, can save them! Depending on your creativity and talent for drawing you can cover your jeans with cute pictures on the places you want to hide.

In case they are totally destroyed and there is no way to save them, you can cut them up into very useful and interesting things like a bag, a purse, a bookmark, a pillow, a wreath and much more! So grab your old jeans and a pair of scissors.