DIY Water Distiller

DIY Water Distiller

Do you know how pure is the water you are drinking? Are you sure that you receive it from the reliable source? How can you choose drinking water of the highest quality?

These are the questions that every single person should ask him or herself. It is hard to exaggerate a positive impact of water on our organism. It helps us to keep up a stable body temperature, transport nutrients and fluids to needed locations. It makes our skin look better and teeth stronger. It even helps us in controlling appetite and helps loosing weight! Sounds like a miracle water. Many people even carry a bottle always with them in a purse.

Common sources where we get the water from are supermarkets, where they offer bottles of various sizes and brands, water cranes in the house and natural water springs. It is hard to say which type is the best since they may go through different levels of clearance. To be sure in the quality and purity of water that you and your loved one drinks the best way it is to clean this water… yourself!

It probably sounds complicated and not worth the effort at the first glance, but if you watch the following video you will change your mind. The actual water distillation process aims to separate pure water from unnecessary dirt and salts. You can buy a distiller in a specialized shop, but it is unnecessary since now you will find out how to construct one at home and use it for personal purposes. You will require a copper tube about 12 feet long and several fittings for it that you screw together. Also you will need a glass jar. One end you put on a teapot nose and the other one insert in a jar. Mind that the larger is the jar surface area, the more vapor you will be able to collect. Don’t use platic jar or it will melt.

In the end, we receive a quart of pure distilled water for an hour and a half.