Beautiful Seashell Ideas

Beautiful Seashell Ideas

It's finally summer and it means time for vacations to the seaside started! Maybe some of you even live close to the beach. Besides the sea and sand you will be surrounded by tons of seashells. Don't ignore them! They have so many creative uses that will make your house looking much more beautiful. Start collecting them as soon as you are there.

Mermaid Necklaces

Mermaid NecklacesI love these DIY mermaid necklaces. Just a small clamshell, a glass tone, and a few other craft supplies like glitter and glue, and you have just what you need to make any little girl’s dream come true. These are so very easy to make and so adorable. Who knows? You may just like them so much you’ll make one for yourself. These would be great for summer parties – you can use them as party favors!

Tutorial and Source: mamapapabubba

DIY Beach Jars

DIY Beach JarsHere’s another really unique take on a beach jar. These are so easy to make and are perfect for decorating in any room, and bringing a bit of the beach into your décor. Just choose a really tall vase, glass, or jar, fill about halfway with sand, and then add your collected sea shells or other beach memorabilia. I love how very simple these are to create and they can be so versatile. Use them for displaying silk flowers or just on their own.

Tutorial and Source: homespunwithlove

Clam Shell Wreath

Clam Shell WreathThis clam shell wreath is so much different than the driftwood one above. This one is all shells, and put together, they make a stunning statement piece for your entry door or anywhere in the house you want to hang it. You can form these around a wreath form, and use a collection of sizes and colors if you want, or make them completely uniform to make the wreath a bit more elegant.

Tutorial and Source: marthastewart

Shell Path Lanterns

20-doorUse those leftover sea shells to create a gorgeous path to your front door. Just add them to your path lanterns! This is the easiest project, yet one that makes such a dramatic statement. You can use clam shells, starfish, or whatever sea shells you may have on hand. Or you could decorate your lanterns and use them as décor inside the home, too.