Beautiful Seashell Ideas

Beautiful Seashell Ideas

It's finally summer and it means time for vacations to the seaside started! Maybe some of you even live close to the beach. Besides the sea and sand you will be surrounded by tons of seashells. Don't ignore them! They have so many creative uses that will make your house looking much more beautiful. Start collecting them as soon as you are there.

Sea In a Bottle

Sea In a BottleI love this idea – in fact, I have one of these! It’s a Sea In a Bottle keepsake and it brings a bit of the beach back home with you. You’ll need something to keep your portable sea in that won’t leak, and a few seashells and maybe some sand. This is such a great gift idea. Forget spending a fortune on souvenirs at the beach. Just grab a few inexpensive bottles and bring everyone back their very own peace of the ocean.

Tutorial and Source: childhood101

Mason Jar Seashell Lamp

Mason Jar Seashell LampIf you want to really test your craft skills and use a bit more creativity, this mason jar lamp is the perfect craft for you. You’ll need a lamp kit and a mason jar and then a few seashells to add the decorative touch. This is perfect for a bedside table lamp, particularly for anyone who really wants to live at the beach.

Tutorial and Source: domestically-speaking

Mini Aquarium

Mini AquariumThis little mini aquarium is too adorable, and you can decorate it with those seashells that you have left over from other crafts. Depending on the size of the bowl or glass you use, you could keep a couple of goldfish or betas in here, too. Imagine your kids’ faces when you present them with their very own little aquarium. This is a cute idea and one that will take you about 10 minutes to complete.

Tutorial and Source: arctida

Clam Shell Critters

Clam Shell CrittersKids will go bonkers over these adorable little sea creatures, made from clam shells. You just have to paint them and then add some small googly eyes. These would be great as kitchen magnets or you could be really creative and turn them into key chains or any number of other things. Or just use them for the kids to play with when they really start missing the beach.

Tutorial and Source: freekidscrafts