Beautiful Seashell Ideas

Beautiful Seashell Ideas

It's finally summer and it means time for vacations to the seaside started! Maybe some of you even live close to the beach. Besides the sea and sand you will be surrounded by tons of seashells. Don't ignore them! They have so many creative uses that will make your house looking much more beautiful. Start collecting them as soon as you are there.

Seashell Summer Mason Jars

Seashell Summer Mason JarsSo, here’s a slightly different take on a seashell candle. These little candles are encased in mason jars and the jars are filled, not to the top mind you, with seashells. Honestly, all you have to do is add a slightly wide taper candle and then surround it with seashells. These are great for decorating those summer dinner tables outdoors or just having around to line your porch railing.

Tutorial and Source: confessionsofaplateaddict

Seashell Garland

Seashell GarlandWhat do you do with a few seashells and some fishing line or twine? You put them together to make this wonderful garland. I love how creative and yet simple this idea is. You could use this for decorating outside for those summer pool parties, or hang it from your porch if you just want a bit of the beach around when you sit outside. You might even want to string it from the mantel.

Tutorial and Source: funfamilycrafts

Seashell Souvenir Jar

Seashell Souvenir JarWhat better way to remember that wonderful family vacation to the beach than with this DIY souvenir jar? You literally just choose a jar and fill it with mementos of your vacation. Sort through your seashells and use the most unique or put them all in jars and create a keepsake for everyone in the family. Label them with twine and cardboard tags to give them a wonderfully rustic look.

Tutorial and Source: carolynshomework