Beautiful Seashell Ideas

Beautiful Seashell Ideas

It's finally summer and it means time for vacations to the seaside started! Maybe some of you even live close to the beach. Besides the sea and sand you will be surrounded by tons of seashells. Don't ignore them! They have so many creative uses that will make your house looking much more beautiful. Start collecting them as soon as you are there.

Shell Bouquets

Shell BouquetsIf you are planning a wedding this summer, this is the perfect bridal bouquet. It’s adorned with lovely seashells to give it a real beachy look, and what could possibly be better at your wedding than a bit of the beach? I love the flowers and shells combined. You could do these in smaller versions for bridesmaids or if you’re not planning a wedding, just make one to sit on a table.

Tutorial and Source: shellcrafter

Seashell Shadow Boxes

Seashell Shadow BoxesThese shadow boxes are not only gorgeous, they’re very easy to create. You can get most of the supplies you need at your local craft store and if you have seashells already on hand then you’re halfway there. Just fill your shadow boxes with shells and add in sand or whatever else you want. Mix up the sizes of your shells to really make them unique.

Tutorial and Source: itsthelittlethingsthatmakeahouseahome