He Took A Blowtorch To Some Old Wooden Pallets And Made Something...

He Took A Blowtorch To Some Old Wooden Pallets And Made Something Awesome

Half the appeal of having a balcony with a great view is being able to enjoy it when it’s nice out.

But if you can’t afford outdoor furniture that fits your small space, what can you do? You definitely don’t want to waste your amazing view, right? Well, just take a page from cr0fty‘s playbook! He took some wood pallets and made awesome balcony furniture with a few tools and a blowtorch.

After he collected wood pallets from around the neighborhood, he brought them up to his balcony.

Not a bad view, man.

First, he wanted a table. All he did was add two-by-fours to each side (for added height) and drill some legs on.

Quite a lovely little table.

Carefully, he experimented with blowtorching, giving the wood a more rustic look.

To make the seating, he cut some of the pallets in half to free up some space on the already cramped balcony.

Once he finished cutting, he laid out where the couch and table would be.

He even fashioned himself a nice chaise lounge on the end.

Since sitting on the wooden slats would be pretty uncomfortable, he purchased some cushions.

The finished product looks amazing.

Now he and his friends can enjoy the view from some sweet homemade furniture.

(source Reddit) If you’re looking for even more ways to use wood pallets, you should follow this link. They are pretty awesome DIY items and as cheap as can be!