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The favorite part of my home design and decor was the painting. I loved it. Except sometimes my spray painting finishes

would just suck so much that I had to sand everything off several times before I got it right. I didn’t even know how I got it right until I started paying attention to what I was doing before, during and after the job (home design painting ideas). First thing in home decorating, get the right tools for the job sweetie, improvising is all well and good, but not to the detriment of your cute home decor. So, let us begin with the before part; pay attention to the material that you are going to spray paint andfind out what KIND OF spray paint will adhere best to the material, for example don’t use a paint that’s designed exclusively for plastic on metal that’s going outdoors, you know what I mean? It will go left quickly! Secure your area with a paint booth (shelter tent, empty box depending on the size of the item you are spray painting). Wear protective gear, paint particles can be inhaled, and it can make you ill; also choose a location that has no environmental interferences like sunlight and wind, it must be in a controlled setting, my home design experts can confirm this. Next, you must clean the surfaces that you are planning to spray paint properly if you don’t well…you’re going to have an awful paint job on your hands. That’s not me trying to hurt your feelings, I’m just giving you facts; no diy tricks only proper preparation for this kind of job. We are going to have a lot of points during the spray painting btw (smile). If you are using a spray painter make sure that the paint is mixed properly, and it is thin enough to flow through the hose out the nozzle, if you don’t mix your paint well, you will have to stop and unclog the hose AND nozzle and start all over (who has that kind of time to waste?). In addition to paint mixing for the sprayer, decide what paint setting would work best for the item that’s being remodeled. Finally, after the spray painting is done (it depends on how many coats you need to apply for the desired effect), let it dry completely. Go do some shopping, walk the dog, do something, anything but do not touch it until it is dry or else you run the risk of smudging the thing and we must start over (I am not a fan of doing the same thing twice). I hope these little ditties will help you moving forward and that’s it for my two cents for getting the best result from your spray painting projects, thanks for sticking around and listening to an old man ramble on about painting. 🙂


10. Before you start to spray paint that chest, shake the tin for at least two minutes. | design home ideas

I know it’s exciting to start to change the appearance of your DIY project (home design ideas), but before you do, remember to shake the tin vigorously to ensure the paint mixes well!

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Before you start to spray paint that chest, shake the tin for at least two minutes. | design home ideas