You’ve seriously been underestimating the toilet paper roll.

If you are fan of butterflies and are looking for simple home decoration tips then use your toilet paper roll to make butterfly sanctuary to attract butterflies.


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Butterfly Sanctuary | simple home decoration tips:

Managing a house, can be a tough job to do. I didn’t release this until I

moved into my first apartment. The first week went by and it was all nice until my mom was done helping me settle in and I was in charge of everything. I started with buying everything that I needed to function in the house. Once I was done with the basic necessities, I realized that I need to work on the interior of my house. Since I had already spent a huge amount of my savings on buying the furniture and other basic necessities, I knew I had to work on cool home décor ideas while staying within the budget. To save myself from spending huge amount of money on the décor of the house, I started collecting simple home decoration tips. I started asking all my friends who were managing their house for a while to share their tips with me. Luckily, I received some amazing advices that helped me a lot with new home décor ideas.

Another thing that was big life saver for me was the internet. I turned to internet for simple home decoration tips. I was blown away with the number of tips that were available online and were so easy to follow. One of the main things that I learned from the internet was to work on the diy home decorating ideas. The diy home decorating ideas are very easy to follow. Apart from diy home decorating ideas being easy to follow, one of the best things about them is that they are very cheap as well. I found a lot of information on reusing things instead of getting rid of them. I started keeping a note of one thing that comes the most in my house and without any surprise it was toilet paper. With the plenty of empty toilet paper rolls sitting on my counter, the idea of using them in some low budget diy home décor hit my mind. I started doing my research to see what I can make from the empty toilet paper rolls and to my surprise there were actually plenty of things that I could do with them. I made up my mind and starting working on fun new home décor ideas that were all about empty toilet paper rolls. Today, I will share with you all the unique home ideas that I have worked on.

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