She Cuts A Heart Out Of This Non-slip Mat And Then Makes Something Adorable!!

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You can buy materials for your cheap rustic home decor at almost any dollar tree diy store or you can use materials that you already have laying around the house.

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cheap rustic home decor. | I got my grip mat fabric ready for use!

Every time I make dinner and try to eat on the countertop my dishes slide around, so I needed to fix that situation 

with a little home decor diy. I planned on making a small heart-shaped shag rug (smart home ideas) for myself since to buy one would cost me about fifteen to twenty-five dollars easily. So cheap diy home decor was going to be the order of the day, and I was ready to get it done. I got my home decor inspiration from a blog (pinterest diy home decor) that I visited earlier on in the week. Great home decor ideas on a budget and where to get the best supplies were for the crafts that they advertised. Making a quick run to the dollar tree home decor store, I was able to get three different types of material needed for the craft. Two plain fabrics and one printed, a roll of grip mat material, a pair of sharp scissors, metallic colored sharpie and some kebab sticks.

The first thing I did was roll out the grip mat material and cut a measured portion out that would work as the shag rug base. Next, I folded the mat and drew half of a heart with the sharpie before I started cutting along the line that would ultimately give me the cute heart shape that I was going for (creative home designs). After that was done, I took out the fabric and ironed out the strips and then cut along the lines so my strips would all be even and the shag rug would look like it was made by a professional you know what I mean? Then, using the kebab sticks, I pushed alternating strips through the holes in the grip mat and pulled it through the other side with my fingers. If you are doing a craft similar to this, it is easier to start the process in the middle and work outwards. I kept checking the flip side to make sure that my work was looking neat on the other side (spanish style home decor). I will admit I took some breaks because as simple as this is, it can become so tedious. What see in the photo is my finished counter shag rug and I think it looks pretty amazing for my first try.

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