Magnificent Shower Designs

Magnificent Shower Designs

From all the rooms in the house, bathroom, is the most popular one. Each of us visits it at least twice during the day – wash a face, brush teeth and take a shower in the morning and in the evening. But usually we visit this room more often, and women do especially. That’s why it is important to keep this room tidy, well-organized and nice-looking too. The first two aspects need to be kept up on a regular basis and concerning an appearance, you can create a gorgeous looking design once and never change it again! Or, maybe change in several years only.

Speaking of the design… Modern tendency leads us to saving space by organizing your furniture and belongings wisely. How can you apply this to your bathroom? Easily! Put shower instead of a bath. This will save you much space, be more effective in terms of washing and give you imagination a place for creation.

If you house is big enough then you can afford having a big shower or even a whole wet room, just put additional wall and door and enjoy your time inside.

If you think you don’t get enough water or you want to come out of the shower crystal clear, insert several water pressure tubes – on the ceiling and sides of the shower room. Or put both of them on the ceiling on the opposite sides.

You can also regulate heights, width and degree with which the water current flows on you. If you like extreme feelings – make it thin and rapid:)

The decorations are an important part of the overall appearance as well. You can put inside whatever you wish, even some unpredictable things like a chimney. The most common are stones, glass and plants.

Last, but not the least element is lighting. Don’t ignore it because it can change the view greatly! There are options of inserting white classical lighting or be extravagant and insert red lighting or whatever you prefer.

Just be creative!