How to Make Small Bathroom Beautiful

How to Make Small Bathroom Beautiful

Not everyone call afford a castle or a house with a big bathroom at once. Meanwhile we need to be happy with what we have. But of course small bathroom is not the worst that can happen in life. Especially since there are ways to make it visually bigger with no big effort. Interested?

Create Contrast

Source: www.mydomaine.comSoft, subtle colors and patterns are neutral and soothing, they are often the choice in small bathroom decor, but such style is rather boring. To really amp up the style, you have to go bold and create contrast with accent colors and patterns. Paint or tile part of the walls, choose contrasting pattern floor tiling. All that creates drama and makes even the tiniest bathroom interesting.

Add a Small Side Table


If space allows, add a very small side table for a movable surface that you can use next to the vanity or the bathtub. It adds an interesting accent and function to the bathroom.