30 Cute and Easy diy Braid Tutorials That Are Perfect For Any...

30 Cute and Easy diy Braid Tutorials That Are Perfect For Any Occasion

Attention all Fashionistas!! Are you sick of just straightening or curling your hair to make it look glamorous? If you want a quick way to transform your look without a haircut, then these braid tutorials are just what you need. These easy hairstyles are just perfect for both Work and Play.

7. Triple Braid Bun

Triple Braid Bun

Running late but need to make a good impression? Then, this hairstyle is for you. This hairstyle will give you a classy look which will be perfect for office, parties and even a causal outing with friends or family. Start by making three equal sections and then braid each of them. There is no need to loosen up the braids if you have fuller looking hair. After making the braid you have to turn each braid into a bun and secure it with bobby pin and that is it. Easy, right?

Source and Tutorial: lulus

8. Milkmaid Braid

Milkmaid Braid

This hairstyle has recently been spotted on the runways. But do not be scared to try this look, as it is as easy as it gets. All you have to do is divide your hair into two sections and then braid each one of them. After that, take one braid and bring it up over your head to the other side. Secure the braid with a bobby pin and repeat this step with the other braid. Make sure to tuck the end of the braid under the hair to hide the hair ties.

Source and Tutorial: loveolia