Hacks that will Free your Space

Hacks that will Free your Space

Most of us often face with the problem of shortage of free space in the house. The reason is not necessarily in small size of the house but bad organization of place. Do you always put things where they are supposed to be? Is your storage neatly organized? Take the following adviced and see how your house will visually grow in size at the moment.


1. Command Center with Storage and Chalkboard

Ikea Expedit

2. Cell Phone Charging Station from Lotion Bottle

cell phone charging station

3. DIY Scarf Hanger

hanger scarf organizer

4. VHS case Picture Frame and Hidden Storage


5. Recycled Marker Caddy


6. Office in a Chest


7. Gift Wrapping Station from a Stool


8. Magnetic Makeup Storage


9. Fold-Up Pallet Desk


10. Storage in the Stairs

stair drawers


11. PVC Shoe Storage

pvc shoe storage

12. Hidden Storage Ottoman

ottoman storage

13. Hidden Storage Books

hidden book storage

14. Space Saving Desk

space saving desk

15. Headboard Becomes Lego Storage

lego storage

16. Hang Heels On Molding

molding for high heel storage

17. Store Silverware Vertically

vertical silverware storage

18. Hide Your Cords

hide your cords

19. Tissue Box Plastic Bag Storage

tissue box bag holder

20. Soda Case Soup Storage

soup dispenser

21. Utilize Dead Space

overhead tote storage in garage

22. DIY Shovel Organizer

yard tool rack

23. Hang Your Boots with Pant Hangers

hang your boots

24. Shoe Organizers Can Be For More Than Just Shoes

shoe organizer kitchen utensils

25. Jazz Up Old Coffee Containers for Storage

coffee bin repurpose

26. Magazine Holder for Curling Iron Storage

curling iron in magazine holder

27. Display Jewelry on Toilet Paper Holders

toilet roll jewelry holder

28. Mason Jar Bathroom Storage

mason jar bathroom storage

29. Christmas Ornament Storage

how to store christmas ornaments

30. Crystal Lite Containers for Pens

pen containers

31. Rain Gutters as Bookshelves

rain gutter book shelf

32. Label Your Pantry

label your pantry

33. Recovered Diaper Boxes

diaper box into storage tote