Nice Home Terrariums

Nice Home Terrariums

Terrariums became a fashionable trend and their popularity is only growing with time. It is explained by easiness with which you can make them, variety of thing that you can put inside and impressive unique look they can bring to your place. You can put them in your office, at home or even give as a gift!

1. This mesmerising sphere.

This mesmerising sphere.

Etsy / Via

By Pink Serissa, £14.66

2. These blossoming wall pods.

These blossoming wall pods.

Etsy / Via

By LBrandt, £7.87

3. This Disney-inspired bauble.

This Disney-inspired bauble.

Etsy / Via

By anniebabysupplies, £21.45

4. This calming desk-ornament.

This calming desk-ornament.

Etsy / Via

By NewDreamWorld, £14.02

5. This portable terrarium necklace.

This portable terrarium necklace.

Etsy / Via

By Fable and Lore, £18.60

6. These hanging teardrops of greenery.

These hanging teardrops of greenery.

Etsy / Via

By PartySpin, £3.93

7. These clustered cacti-filled cubes.

These clustered cacti-filled cubes.

Not On The High Street / Via

By Dingading Terrariums, £61.50

8. This aquatic perfection.

This aquatic perfection.

Etsy / Via

By The Zen Succulent, £20.51

9. This life-giving ball of purple.

This life-giving ball of purple.

Etsy / Via

By succulentsandmore1, £31.44

10. This DIY terrarium that comes with its own unicorn.

11. This soothing scene.

This soothing scene.

Etsy / Via

By midnightinseattle, £35.73

12. This minimalist beauty.

This minimalist beauty.

Etsy / Via

By The Modimalist, £20.03

13. This stunning glass house.

This stunning glass house.

Etsy / Via

By Leosklo, £20.03

14. This copper-accented cacti.

This copper-accented cacti.

Not On The High Street / Via

By London Garden Trading, £39.95

15. This hanging orchid.

This hanging orchid.

Etsy / Via

By Floralistic, £27.86

16. These succulents in diamond holders.

These succulents in diamond holders.

Not On The High Street / Via

By Dingading Terrariums, £35.50

17. These simple but stunning wall decorations.

These simple but stunning wall decorations.

Etsy / Via

By New Dream World, £2.72

18. This darling little drop.

This darling little drop.

Etsy / Via

By My Zen, £17.85

19. This terrarium for owl lovers.

This terrarium for owl lovers.

Not On The High Street / Via

By Dingading Terrariums, £23.50

20. This gem-stone adorned setting.

This gem-stone adorned setting.

Etsy / Via

By Marimo Adrift, £19.95

21. This ode to meadow flowers and spring.

This ode to meadow flowers and spring.

Etsy / Via

By Mini east UK, £39.99

22. This seashell and sand sensation.

This seashell and sand sensation.

Etsy / Via

By HandJcraft, £46.49

23. These hanging baubles.

These hanging baubles.

By Ella James, £24

24. This fairy garden in a box.

This fairy garden in a box.

Etsy / Via

By crystalsncreations, £34.33

25. This chic little planter.

This chic little planter.

Urban Outfitters / Via

By Urban Outfitters, £12

26. These pyramid frames.

These pyramid frames.

Etsy / Via

By Terrarium Designn, £21.46

27. These updated light bulbs.

These updated lightbulbs.

Not On The High Street / Via

By Dingading Terrariums, £23.50